Right now Jailbreaking an iPhone is as attractive as it is ever going to get.  Especially if you own an iPad as well that is just Wi-Fi ready and not 3G wireless enabled.

Jailbreak your iPhone and save

Jailbreak your iPhone and save

And here are the reasons why.

Jailbreaking is so easy right now you could almost do it by accident.

Just visit http://jailbreakme.com, a Click and a Swipe and you are jailbroken in less time than it takes to make a coffee.

The second reason is you could save yourself a lot of money.

AT & T in the States is charging an extra $10.00 / month to iPhone/iPad users to allow them to tether the 2 devices together.

An extra fee on top of the data plan fee you are already paying them which is around $30.00 / month for 6 GB of data.

Bell in Canada is charging an extra $10.00 / month for the same convenience feature.

Rogers in Canada also wants to charge you $20.00 / month for this service.

So do the math if you are on a 3 year contract.

Carrier Cost Over 3 years term contract
AT & T $120.00 x 3 = $360.00
Bell $120.00 x 3 = $360.00
Rogers $240.00 x 3 = $720.00

In the best case you could save yourself $720.00; Almost enough for an iPhone 5, 6 or 7 Carrier Unlocked model when they are released.

Add to that the money you saved by not buying the iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G, which in the case of iPad 64GB is $879.00 – $749.00 = $130.00 in savings.

Add $720.00 to $130.00 equals $850.00.

Now that you have jail broken for free, (never pay for a jailbreak!); Install a little application called MyWi available here:




it will turn your iPhone into a Wi-Fi hotspot for $19.99 USD.  It is even WEP Enabled so that no other people can borrow your internet connection.

So you still save $830.00.  Let’s not complicate the math with the extra VAT taxes that apply to those contracted fees either.  So it really is a tempting proposition to jail break right now.

You just need to weigh it against statements from Apple related sources that speak of Jailbreaking an iOS device as possibly voiding your Apple Care Warranty.

You might also need to stay at a certain version of the iOS (4.0.1 right now) for a while until the next Jailbreak exploit for the new version of the latest software is found.

Jailbreaking right now is just so tempting.  But you’d better act fast.  Apple as well as the Carriers are sure to be wanting to close this window of opportunity.