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iPhone 4 Review

iPhone 4 Review

I’ve only had access to an iPhone 4 since July 30th 2010 here in Canada, but like you I’ve been following the reviews that others have been putting out there to see where the true value of this device lies.

So here are a list of things that I like about the device and things I don’t like about the iPhone 4.

Maybe they can help you to make up your mind.  I like:

  • The screen, it’s amazing.  They call it the Retina Display and for the good reason that your eye, just can’t detect pixels in this display unless the application you are running has been badly ported to run on the iPhone 4.  Text is sharp and crisp.
  • The sound is good, both through the speakers, the headphones with Mic and through your Car Stereo if you are using the RCA (red, white, yellow) adapter cable to hook into your car stereo.  Your music and voice calls were never better.
  • Longer battery life is awesome.  It feels twice as long as you would get on an iPhone 3GS even though it is a 40% improvement to spec.
  • The speed and the memory are also great.  With Computers, which is what a smart phone is, more processor power and memory make for better responsiveness and multitasking. The 1 GigHz A4 processor and 512 MB of DRAM deliver performance.
  • The Front and Rear facing cameras are awesome.  The phone now becomes the ideal tool for capturing those happy moments in your life that you want to digitally share with your social networks.
  • 720 HD video is also wonderful.  The frame rates are fast with no clipping or skipping. The picture quality seems life like and brings you back to the memory of the moment with clarity and emersion.