At Apple’s September music event, the company announced iOS 4.1 for iPhone and iPod touch and also previewed iOS 4.2 for iPad.
iTunes 10 and Ping were announced.
Ping is a social network for iTunes users to replace the need for Google Buzz and Twitter in our lives.  It may also be a Pandora rival in that you can see music recommendations based on your listening and buying habits.
They announced the following hardware updates:
iPod Nano
iPod Touch
iPod Shuffle
Apple TV
iOS 4.1
All bugs have been fixed!
That includes the proximity sensor on the iPhone 4, Bluetooth bugs across the iPod touch and iPhone, and lastly the much talked about iPhone 3G performance issues have been fixed.
iOS 4.1  also provides a new feature called High Dynamic Range Photos (HDR).
HDR is a new camera-based feature where the device camera improves the colour range of the photos you take..
HD Video & Game Center
iOS 4.1 will give us HD video uploading over WiFi to YouTube for example and also the new Game Center.
Apple’s Game Center is like Microsoft’s Xbox Live where users can play multiplayer games and be matched against anyone of similar skill in a particular game.
iOS 4.1 is available for iPhone and iPod touch as a free download next week.
iOS 4.2
During this morning’s event Apple also provided a sneak peek of iOS 4.2!  There seems to be a trend there where the X.2 version is releaseed for the iPad.
iOS 4.2 is available for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad but the real focus is for iPad. Essentially, iOS 4.2 is bringing every single feature of iOS 4.1, such as folders and multitasking, to the iPad.
iOS 4.2 is also bringing wireless printing to the iPad in the form of Print Center. We’ll be able to view  print jobs, cancel them, and reprioritize them right from the iPad.
For all three iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, iOS 4.2 is bringing a feature called AirPlay which is a renamed AirTunes feature but can now stream photos and videos along with audio to your AppleTV from any iOS device via WiFi.
iOS 4.2 is available for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad as a free download in November 2010.
The new iPods can be pre-ordered today and will ship next week.