Apple TV is a Sure Hit

Apple TV is a Sure Hit

Apple is definitely thinking differently about Television than the Cable Companies.

They realize that people don’t really have time to watch 100s of Channels.

People just want to watch the good quality content and not the fluff and etcetera of television programming.  There is only so much time in a day.

People are willing to pay a reasonable price for good content.  I know I am.  I often rent videos from BlockBuster or Rogers Videos.  But that could be a thing of the past.  Just like my HD Cable and Basic Cable bill.  Now I can have a cable TV company and Video store in a little black box that fits in the palm of your hand.

iTunes has thousands of video titles and is also promising top television shows from ABC and FOX studios.

Netflix content will be available on Apple TV as well and HD YouTube videos.

Here is the only problem I foresee with this product especially in Canada.  Cable companies like Rogers and Cogeco set limits for the amount of data that you can download in a month.  60 GB is typical for a monthly high speed internet service account.  But the average HD video downloaded from itunes is 2 to 3 GB.  So if you downloaded 1 movie and a TV show every day of the month you could easily go over 60 GB.

Cable companies have been known to terminate the service of customers that exceed their limits or charge a premium on extra data used above your amount included in your plan.

Heavy use of the Apple TV is discouraged then unless you can get an unlimited data plan from your Cable company for a reasonable rate.