Unbelievable; Apple hyped an iTunes announcement targeting today for the past few days.

Beatles On iTunes. Really?????

Beatles On iTunes. Really?????

Everyone was hoping for ITunes in the Cloud.  But what do we get instead?

You can buy the Beatles Music Catalog on iTunes.  Yawn.

The Beatles simply aren’t relevant anymore.   So what if a few people who are living in the past want to download this music from iTunes.  It’s ridiculous. 

Most likely these people will have bought these albums in all of the prior formats including:

  1. 45’s
  2. LP’s
  3. 8 Track
  4. Audio Cassette
  5. Laser Disk
  6. Mini Compact Disk
  7. Compact Disk or CDs

Now the last one is the kicker. 

Why not just stick your Beatle Music CDs into the CD Rom slot in your Mac or PC and Import your Beatles Albums into iTunes.  Then you can sync to your iPod, iPad or iPhone.  Why spend more money to download this from iTunes.  It’s insane.

This is just being hyped because the only one who will really benefit is Apple.

They have had a long running intellectual property battle with the Beatles Related company of Apple Corps Ltd.  And being able to bring all of that to and end while potentially making even more money, is big news for Apple Inc. 

It’s in Apple’s best interest to get the News Press excited with Hype like “Where were you when you heard…” that we were going to make more money today?