Apple held a long anticipated product release conference at noon September 12, 2012 for the iPhone 5. So if you are eligible for a hardware upgrade with your Carrier, then you should know that you will be able to order one tonight, midnight September 14th From the Apple Store website.

iPhone 5

The new iPhone 5


The main reason to get the new iPhone is the new four-inch screen. The next reason to get it is the faster processor called A6. The A6 processor promises faster CPU and faster graphics. So everything will be more responsive. The new iPhone 5 is also thinner 7.6 mm thick. It’s also lighter weighing in at 112 g compared to the iPhone 4S 140 g.

The gorilla glass on the back of the phone is now gone replaced with an aluminum case. The metal case is also anodized and the black model actually looks better than the white this time. The Machining processes are also more precise. Phil Schiller referred to it as the most beautiful iPhone they’ve ever created.

The prices are 16 GB $199 32 GB for $299 and 64 GB for $399 carrier subsidized pricing. Off contract is $699 for the 64 GB.

The camera is also improved. New software has been added to allow you to take panoramic photographs catching up to Android phones. The lens cover on the camera is crystal sapphire for clarity and hardness. It should also be more scratch resistant.

So as a result of the above features you can expect better web browsing, better game graphics, more productivity and better photographs, from this new phone. Thanks to all the leaks in the supply chain, they really weren’t that many surprises for this product announcement. So if you were paying attention to websites like, you knew just about everything that would be announced September 12th, 2012.

The other additional things to notice on the new iPhone is that the 30 pin connector has been replaced by a new 9 inch reversible connector call lightning. Adapters for 30 pin connectors are available to interface with the new nine pin lightening slot. There are also 3 microphones built into the phone; front facing, back facing and one at the bottom for better directional sound recording and better noise cancellation. This should help Siri to work better and improve hands free phone calling.

The headphones microphone jack is also moved to the bottom. iPhone 5 comes with the new native iOS 6 operating system and it also includes many upgrades for Siri The new Siri features include more knowledge about restaurants, also movies and sports statistics iOS 6 also removes the Google maps and YouTube application.

Google has already provided new separate versions of these application for download in the App. Store.

The Apple version of the maps application also offers turn by turn navigation a database of 100 million points of interest (businesses, gas stations, etc).

The new iPhone 5 also includes LTE capable cellular radio processors which also supports many other cellular technologies such as 3G, Edge, HSPA, HSPA+ and others. So mobile data transfer is lightning fast. Wireless data transfers are also close to 100 MB/sec due to 2.5 and 5.0 MHz capable antennae.

iPhone 5 4 inch screen

iPhone 5 4 inch screen

The iPhone 5 is a capable super phone able to meet the competition from Android and Microsoft windows phone 8. So if you’re looking for a taller faster, lighter more elegant looking phone, then the iPhone 5 is for you.