Apple TV could be insanely great!

Apple TV could be insanely great!

Imagine, you can ask Siri to find any show from any network. 500+ Channels.
It’s all there, every show in a search-able database in the iCloud.
Then when she finds it and shows it to you, you tell Siri to record only new episodes and skip the Ads (for reruns).



No scrolling slowly through those arcane slow responding menu systems that the cable providers give you. Program the shows you want to see in seconds hands free or Control it or watch it from your iMac, MacBook Pro/Air, iPad and your iPhone, the last TV remote you may ever need.

The US networks will love it so they can get Hard Data on what people are watching and sell more targeted advertising. It gives them the freedom to show different Ads to different people. People respond better to advertising they prefer rather than shot gunning everyone with the same Ads.



Apple might even provide Television Networks with Ad Servers for custom Ads.
Campaigns could be even more unified across your leisure activities like reading, catching up on news or surfing the web.

Apple replaces every Television station but allows cable companies to sell more Internet service. They bring their Apple Fan Base to the table.

Shopping Channels could be much more profitable if you could shop with your iTunes account, you probably impulse buy a lot more.