Apple recently announced it’s new line up of phones.  This ranged from the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, to the iPhone XR.

But the iPhone X, Along with iPhone 7 & 8 and 7 & 8 Plus Series are still available for purchase.

So with all that in mind, which iPhone currently represents the best value? 

Well after many price comparisons of all the models and their configurations, We’ve found that for someone who already has an older iPhone and is looking to upgrade.  They should choose the iPhone 8 Plus.  They should choose the 256 GB model as well. 

The combination of the faster processor and the improved camera over the 7 series and especially considering the savings off the premium prices of the newest models means that you get a powerful phone that can play all the latest games and run the latest apps with tonnes of storage for photos, video and all your other data.

You don’t have to deal with the notch or Face ID and you can unlock your iPhone with the elegance and speed of the TouchID.  In fact Touch ID is so convenient that you should buy this phone just so that you can enjoy that for the next year or 2. 

Apple disappointed us by not keeping TouchID in the later models.  Yeah we were all asking for a bezeless design and they sort of delivered.  We want to be rid of the bulky forehead and chin on our faithful little digital friend. But now the X serious gives us the Alienesque Notch forehead and a bunch of gestures to learn for using our phone with no home button and TouchID.

So the Insanely Great TouchID may be gone from future iPhone models unless they can catch up to their Android rivals and get Touch ID working under Glass as was rumoured to be coming at some point. 

FaceID is not that desirable a feature.  It’s definitely has a creepy feel to it.  Plus it’s damn inconvenient if you are all scarfed up for the winter and have to deshade/degoggle, unscarf to unlock your phone.  Think Skiing or Winter commuting out doors.

Plus you alway have to pick up you phone to unlock it. Or lean over your desk to position your head over it to unlock if it is lying their flat. 

iPhone 6 Plus

The good news is, you will be helping Apple to unload their iPhone 8 inventory.  In return you’ll get the best value in the line up right now at a savings from when it was first released.