Apple iOS 13: What are the new features?

We might be going back to the Future.

Apple announced iOS 13 on June 3, 2019 at WWDC 2019.

Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior VP of software engineering, says iOS 13 is the “next big release for iOS,” offering significant improvements over prior releases.

Best Features

iOS 13 Best New Features
iOS 13 is a feature rich release.

Dark Mode is the long awaited feature we’ve all been waiting for.

Smaller lighter downloads and updates are also very welcome for the bandwidth conscious among the iOS user base.

Better Performance

As with last year’s iOS 12 update, Apple is promising performance improvement even for the old iPhone models. So when it launches later this year be sure to watch for the reviews before installing. But it should be good.

Apple iOS faster unlocks speeds for Face ID by 30%
We are told that Apps will launch faster as well.

Dark mode

The biggest visual update to iOS since the original iPhone iOS 1 and then iOS7 will be iOS 13 bring us a system wide Dark Mode.
It will be a visually interesting look, plus hopefully it will conserve battery life and be easier on the eyes too. You know how Apps have been switching from day mode to night mode around sunset, I wonder what Dark Mode Apps are going to switch in to? 😜

Swipe keyboards

iOS 13 Quick Path Typing
iOS 13 has native support for “Quick Path” swipe typing.

Third-party keyboards on iOS like SwiftKey or Swype have provided letter swipe typing on their keyboards.

Now, Apple introduces the “Quick Path” keyboard so you can Swipe Type Natively in Messages and elsewhere.

External Storage Access

iOS 13 can read files from SD cards and USB Sticks into the Files App.
We wonder if these are special lightning adapter versions of USB Thumb Drives. This is huge for overcoming the limitations of memory on the device.

Apple Maps

iOS 13 Apple Maps
iOS Maps has way more information for more accurate navigation.

Apple maps is overhauled with a new collection of data and also provides a Google like Street View for the first time.

The new maps data will be incrementally release for select cities and states, and will be available to the rest of America by years end. A global rollout is promised by 2020. Check your local job sites for Apple Mapping Jobs.

Sign in with Apple

iOS 13 Sign in with Apple
iOS13 offers Sign in with Apple!

Apple has a new “Sign in with Apple” feature, which it’ll be making available to developers for logging into Apps and services similarto the way we sign in with social media accounts and Gmail Google Accounts. The promise is that you don’t have to reveal your apple id email address which is always a high value target. Use 2 factor authentication folks.

You’ll be able to create new, private email addresses for each App that forwards to your Apple Id email keeping it private.

Photo and video editing tools

iOS 13 Video Editting

There is a brand new editing interface in iOS 13 for photos and videos. Users can adjust brilliance, highlights, shadows, contrast, saturation, white balance, sharpness, and noise reduction on your content. Users will be able to rotate Video on their phones and iPads.

The Photos App is also getting a new UI, which will use machine learning to remove duplicates and weird clutter like screen-shots for easy browsing.

iTunes Music Playback Lyrics

We always wonder what some of our favorite artists are singing.
iTunes Music Player gets time synced Lyrics so that mystery is solved.

There were a lot of other new features announced included iMessage ID images which could your Memoji. Better Car Play Integration. Lots of VR support. Now you can play Mine Craft in your living room or maybe anywhere.


iOS 13 will be available to iPhone devices (from the iPhone 6S and newer). A developer preview will go live today following the keynote, with a public beta releases later this month.